Preneed Division

Funeral Preplanning for Individuals and Families

The Association for Personal Resource Planning (APRP)℠ is an association dedicated to providing education and exploring programs for seniors to address their final expenses which may include a funeral. Your local funeral service provider can offer advice and guidance to pre-planning.

You know the loss of a loved one is a very emotional and difficult time in your life. There are numerous decisions that need to be made and many arrangements that need to be handled in a short amount of time. Unfortunately these decisions are made when you are least able to handle them or afford them.

Funeral preplanning or prearranging is the process of making plans for your own funeral – or that of a loved one – well in advance of need, in a non-stressful environment. It is just as practical, just as important and just as simple as planning for a college education, a future wedding, a new home or even retirement.

The funeral preplanning process is relatively easy, and guarantees that important decisions are taken care of in advance. After preplanning your funeral, we recommend you prefund your funeral arrangements with a preneed life insurance policy or annuity.