Preneed Division
Assurant Solutions - Preneed Division is a provider of preneed insurance, also called funeral or burial insurance.

Preneed life insurance is a specialized form of life insurance or annuity used to fund the predetermined expenses of a funeral, cremation or burial. Assurant Solutions is a part of Assurant, provider of specialized insurance products and related services in North America and selected other markets. Assurant Solutions Preneed Division provides insurance and annuity products administered by Union Security Insurance Company, IA American Life Insurance Company and American Memorial Life Insurance Company with new business underwritten by American Memorial Life Insurance.

Due to flooding in a number of counties in Illinois and Missouri, and in response to the Department of Insurance bulletins in these two states, Assurant Preneed will be suspending lapse and cancellations due to non-payments of premiums for policy holders impacted by flooding in these areas. This extension shall be granted until February 29, 2016, and applies to policies underwritten and/or administered by American Memorial Life Insurance Company, Union Security Insurance Company and IA American Life Insurance Company.

Policy holders on automatic payment deductions will continue to have their premium automatically deducted from their account unless they contact us to make other payment arrangements. Our Customer Service Center is available Monday through Friday from 7am until 6pm Mountain Time, at 1-800-225-9707.